Trophy Fishsim - rules

Trophy Fishsim - important information please read

Trophy fishsim is now a weekly tournament which runs from midnight GMT on Sunday until the following Sunday.

Each day through the week there will be a new match automatically generated at midnight which runs all day long ( 24 hours ). You can fish as much or as little of the match as you like duing this 24 hours, the time you put in is your choice. This works well because the format of Trophy Fishsim evens things out and makes the amount of time fished not so much of a factor.

Day sectors

You must fish the real date GMT within Fishsim for each match, if you don't do this your catches won't be accepted. Each day is split up into 5 sectors and only your biggest qualifying fish from each sector will count towards your final total weight for the day. The time sectors are :

  1. 00:00 - 04:59
  2. 05:00 - 09:59
  3. 10:00 - 13:59
  4. 14:00 - 18:59
  5. 19:00 - 23:59

You do
not have to fish these in accordance with the real time, for example, even if it is 11 o'clock at night ( 23:00 ) according to your clock, you can still fish the first sector ( 00:00 - 04:59 ), to do this you manage the time you fish within Fishsim, remember though, that the date must stay within the real date GMT.

Match points

At the end of each day points are awarded to each participating angler. Points are awarded from 100 points for the match winner ( biggest total weight ) down to a minimum of 1 point for last place. These points count towards your weekly overall points total ( see below - weekly standings ). As well as these 'normal' point awards there are bonus's available to. The angler who catches the biggest qualifying fish in each sector each day is awarded an extra 5 bonus points. On top of this there is also an extra 5 bonus points for the biggest fish of the day.

There is one final bonus that is awarded each day called the tagged fish bonus. Each day a fish is virtually 'tagged' and anyone who catches this fish will receive a bonus for catching it. The species of fish and weight of fish is published on the trophy page, only fish caught that match exactly the weight ( in pounds, ounces and drams ) will be eligible for the bonus and only one bonus can be claimed per day. The amount of bonus points awarded depends on how long it has been since the tagged fish was caught. Initially the bonus stands at 3 points but if not caught during the day an extra point is added to the bonus for the next day and so on. This means this tagged fish bonus can theoretically grow quite large. To find out how many points are available for the tagged fish check out the league standings page.

Weekly standings

.At the end of the week all anglers overall points are totalled and the winner is awarded an accolade automatically. The weekly points total is worked out by taking the 5 best points scores of the week for each angler to produce a final overall total. This means that if you fish all 7 matches in the week, your worst two daily points scores will be dropped. It also means though that if for whatever reason you cannot fish all seven matches, all is not lost and you can still remain competitive during the week.

Weekly match format

Every day of the week has its own match format, as described in the table below :

Mon Any fish caught on any venue
Tue Specified venue and species
Wed Any venue, specified species
Thu Specified venue and species
Fri Specified venue, all fish species count
Sat Specified venue and species
Sun Specified venue, all fish species count

Cup competition

Each week there is a cup competition where anglers compete directly against each other on a daily basis in a knockout. There is a new round each day with the first round taking place on Mondays. There is a limitation of just 128 entrants to the cup and these are allocated on a first come first served basis in the order anglers fished in the previous week. The rules to the cup competition are simple, the 128 entrants are drawn randomly against each other and the angler who scores the most points progresses onto the next round. In the event of a tie, the angler who is drawn first progresses. The final normally takes place on Sundays where there will be just two of the starting 128 remaining competing to be the cup champion.

To be continued....


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