FS2 challenges

The Fishing Simulator 2 challenges are currently undergoing reconstruction.

You can still access and participate using the old system on the link below :


Click here for Fishsim 2 challenges


The following changes are taking place.


Trophy Fishsim

This will run from Midnight GMT on Saturdays until Midnight GMT the following Saturday. It will be fully automated with accolades awarded at the end of each week to the winner and runner up.

The format will be exactly the same as the previous format however there will only be one large league per week and the cup competition will run from Sunday to Saturday with a different round each day of the week. Only competitors who fish and catch at least one fish on Saturday will be entered for the cup.


Real date challenge

Like the trophy this will be a weekly competition running from Midnight on Sunday until Midnight GMT the following Sunday. It will be fully automated and accolades awarded. Different random venues and species will be selected each week.


2008/2009/2010 challenge

This challenge is similar to the real date challenge so the two will be merged into just one challenge.


Named fish challenge

As much fun as it has been, this challenge will be scrapped.


Records league table

This will run with the same format, however it will be reset at Midnight GMT on Wednesdays and accolades automatically awarded.


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