Record catches - Frequently asked questions

FS2 record catches FAQ



How do I submit record catches ?

You submit all record catches from withing Fishing Simulator 2 itself. By clicking on the peg image prior to going fishing you can click the 'venue records' button. This will display all the record catches for the venue that have been caught on your computer. The submit button at the bottom of the page automatically submits these to to check to see if any are new Internet / World records for the venue.


My fish is bigger than the current record, why won't it submit ?

For a record to be accepted the fish has to be caught on the latest version of Fishing Simulator 2, you can download the latest version by clicking here. Also records are only accepted for submission if they are caught in the current real month of the year.

Failing the two most common reasons above, you will need to check your checksums for the venue match those displayed on the venue records page. If they don't match it may be that you have an older version of a venue.


Can I see record catches for a venue when i'm fishing ?

Yes, whilst fishing press F8, a box will then pop up showing the current local record catches. By clicking on the 'Internet' button on the box, you can view the current submitted world records for the venue.