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Fishsim 2 Information pages


Information on running and decoding offline matches

This page explains how to create, distribute and decode offline matches for FS2 using the FS2 network server.


Creating FSB files and books for the library

This page explains how to create books for the FS2 library as well as how to create FSB files to include in add-on's, which greatly improve the quality of the add-on's by providing information to the user on venues, tackle or bait.


How to create your own fishsim 2 sea venues, fish and tackle

This page explains the complications of creating sea venues, species and tackle in FS2. The process is very similar to creating freshwater venues and fish (below) however, there are some important differences.


How to create your own fishsim 2 venues

This page explains how to create new venues for fishsim 2, which is not as difficult as it may seem. If you do create any venues, please share them with others on the Internet, so that they can enjoy them too. If you need a place to host your venue or need a venue creating for you, please email. As long as you have pictures and a bit of information on the place, it's possible to exactly re-create the fishing in Fishsim 2


How to create fish species and fish stocks

This page explains how to create fish species, by defining various values about a fish species behaviour. It also explains how to stock venues and pegs with fish, once the species behaviour has been modelled.


How to create and modify ledger bite detectors

This page explains how to create or change the behaviour of different bite detectors in fishing simulator 2. You can create almost any detector, from quivertips to bobbins, or swingtips to electronic bite alarms.


How to create and modify floats

This page explains how you can easily create your own different floats in fishsim 2, by creating and editing text files. It is possible to create almost any type of float there is and define specific behaviour.


The Fishsim 2 online network server

This page describes the fishsim 2 network server, its uses and operation. Although it is a bit old now, because many new features have been added, it's still a useful page for getting started hosting your own online fishing sessions and matches


Creating JR2 add-on manager files

This page describes how you can create JR2 add-on manager files for distributing your fishsim 2 creations. The add-on manager is a powerful tool for creating files, and as such a password is required to gain access to the file manager section. If you need the password, please contact me, and i'll pass it on to you.


Fishsim 2 and Incredimail

There is a compatibility problem between fishsim 2 and Incredimai. This page describes how you can change the Incredimail settings, specifically, disabling the notifiers, so that fishsim 2 can run along side incredimail.


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