General information

The River Wensum consists of five pegs selected from the upper and lower Wensum, each peg contains barbel, bullheads, carp, chub, bream, dace, eels, gudgeon, minnows, perch, pike, roach, rudd, silver bream and tench.

The image quality is not brilliant but the fish behaviour is advanced to provide an ever changing challenge, both during the coarse of the year, and even course of a match. This venue also includes a time speed increase factor to complement the fish behaviour, the clock in FS2 will run four times faster than real time.

The pro version is created almost identically to the default version, with the only difference being a reduction in the number of stocked fish and slight alterations to the behaviour of a few shoals, so it's a pretty difficult one to master and shouldn't produce excessive match weights.

This venue should fish reasonably well all year round, in fact winter on the faster flowing pegs may actually prove more productive than in summer, as plenty of Dace, Chub and Grayling should be willing.

Minimum Fishsim 2 version required

The Wensum uses fish behaviour features introduced into FS2 in versions after 2.08, if earlier versions are used, the fish will not behave correctly. The latest update version of Fishing Simulator 2 can be downloaded on here. In all cases, the latest version of Fishing Simulator 2 should be used for match fishing and record catch submissions.

Recommended suitability ( out of 10 )