Fishsim version 2.13b optional update download
Apr 2008

Important - please read

- Always virus check all executable files, while downloads are virus checked it is your responsibility to check all files after downloading them.

- Always make a back up copy of the fishsim2.exe file before installing a new update in case there are compatibility issues

- This update should be installed to the same folder as you originally installed FS2 to.

- This update will alter your server.ini file, if you run online matches, you will need to back this file up and restore it after installation.

- The version 2.12 update can be used to update from any previous version of fishsim 2.

- Online match organisers should set there version codes to 126 to ensure compatibility to this version of FS2.

- After installing and running FS2, please check the version text at the bottom of the menu screen to ensure all is well.


Click here to download ( aprox 600 Kb )

Note : Username: helpmeplease password: helpmeplease

Version 2.13b changes

- Altered fish selection processes to allow for more varience when fishing the same combinations repeatedly ( 2.13a & 2.13b )

- Objects scrambled using new scrambling system and called "fss" files, Version 2.13 onwards doesn't recognise fso files. ( 2.13 )

- Created a data file checksum system for records, catchlog and online servers. ( 2.13 )

- Records cleared for new version, old version records archived. ( 2.13 )

- MONTH line bug fixed in stk files. ( 2.13 )

- Stock behaviour adjusted for all species dependent on size ( 2.13 ).

- Altered server interface to include more information ( 2.13 )

- Better blocking info sent through to online servers to allow blocking of offending members. Email for more information on feature if needed ( 2.13 )

- Fixed loophole to stop altering of the computer clock before logging or whilst catching fish in real time mode ( 2.13 )

- Added extra security to fsserv.exe and ability to read extra checksum information ( 2.13 )

- Removed peg editor ( 2.13 )

- Changed version code to 124 ( 2.13 )

- Created new records database for global, venues, pegs, and online records. ( 2.13 )

- Records scripts on site updated ( 2.13 )

- Fly and Lure fishing catch rates slightly improved. ( 2.13 )

- Only records caught in the current month can be submitted. ( 2.13 )

Version 2.12 changes ( included )

- Faster loading, probably around 2x speed increase in loading the game. ( 2.12c )

- Loading display to show which parts are being loaded at start of the game ( 2.12c )

- Graphic display of certain species images fixed ( 2.12c )

- New more secure stock file scrambling system in place ready to use ( 2.12c )

- Won't allow saving of empty bait box files ( 2.12c )

- Fixed bug which created loopholes with fly and lure fishing when fishing different venues with loosefeed and groundbait prior to a match venue. It is STRONGLY recommended that people who run matches, especially fly or lure based ones, that they insist on 2.12b or higher to cover the integrity of the match ( 2.12b )

- Added warning message on fishing screen when there are objects or weather files missing and the version code drops to 0 ( 2.12b )

- Added the option to include "non fish" catches, eg, crabs, crayfish, starfish etc. These species can be created as normal species, but will not have a record catch entry, added to the keepnet, or included in matches or catchlogs. Species files for them are created exactly the same as normal species files apart from they include the line :


in the file. Remember when creating species files to edit the fastload.ini file in the inf folder to make the line read Species = 0, this ensures that the changes you make to the species are loaded and included. The fight characteristics of these fish are differnet and the first value in the FIGHT line is the only value used to indicate the weight felt when reeling these in, testing should be done to get the correct "parachute/heavy" effect.( 2.12b )

- Digitherm made less accurate, rounds down to nearest whole number ( 2.12a )

- Fixed bug where stocks with WDEPTH lines were too hard, or sometimes impossible to catch. ( 2.12a )

- Removed creators help, F1, F10, F11, F12 plus altered stock and bait evaluation ( 2.12a )

- Checks made automatically for missing weather and objects, if you hear a beep loading a venue, you need to restart FS2 and check the errors.txt file for more information. On an error the version code reverts back to 0. ( 2.12a )

Version 2.11 changes ( included )

- Works with all versions of Windows, previous was a problem with Win 98 (2.11i r3)

- Water temperature and O2 checks made in the catchlog (2.11i r3)

- Single running processes only allowed (2.11i r3)

- Pro records altered (2.11i r2)

- Pro version no longer requires the all val ven (2.11i r2)

- New stable server (Fsserv.exe ) included (2.11i)

- Markers added to mark positions on pegs ( upto 10, use keys 0-9 ), press left mouse button to place, right mouse button to clear (2.11i)

- Records now have fractional part, meaning if record is equalled it may well still be beaten (2.11i)

- Reel speed increased slightly, max now 8.0 from 5.0 (2.11i)

- Can generate a file called "baitvals.txt" by adding "genbval = 1" to the [Debug] section of the app.ini2.11( 2.11i)

- Peg contours bug corrected for Nvidia cards(2.11h)

- Delay incorporated into connecting to online server, cannot reconnect for 30 seconds after leaving server. (2.11h)

- Internet record catches displayed on the F8 screen while fishing. Venue records will be automatically downloaded every 24 hours, but you can press the Refresh button to force a download at anytime. (2.11h)

- F8 screen updated to display in Kilo's as well as pounds, ounces and drams (2.11h)

- Rain drop speed increased (2.11g)

- Better light effects incorporating haze and cloud ( F3 to activate/deactivate ) (2.11g)

- Record catch display timing bug fixed (2.11g)

- Record catch display font altered (2.11g)

- Online chat ( F7 ) now locks rod in position until chat is complete (2.11g)

- Slightly increased net size area for landing fish (2.11g)

- Future possible functionality for global peg records implemented (2.11g)

- Minor alteration to offline match system regarding dual rod fishing. (2.11g)

- Increased the strike-time amount required to hit bites for all stocks on all venues. Some stk files had low striketime values, which makes them very difficult to hit bites, these will automatically be increased ( without altering checksums ). This will considerably reduce the number of bites missed (2.11f)

- Added ability to hide the depth bar to the app.ini file, if DepthBar = 0 is added to the [Debug] section
the blue depth bar will be hidden on the display. Depth bar is always hidden in pro mode, regardless of setting. In pro mode, the bar only shows when fly or lure fishing to compensate for not being able to "feel" the lure. Depth when ledgering is not required, and float fishing can be detected in the correct way with either a plummet
or through shot effects on the float as they sink. (2.11f)

- Corrected fish loss discrepency on rod 1 / rod 2. The result is an equality between the two in between previous. (2.11f)

- Record catch entries now store if a venue is scrambled at time of catch. (2.11f)

- Catchlog entries now store if a venue is :

a) Scrambled at time of catch
b) Minimised at time of bite
c) Has depth bar visible at time of bite. (2.11f)

- MinOnExit = 1 can be added to the [App] section of the app.ini file to allow fishsim to minimise during
the close down sequence. (2.11f)

- Font changes to the tackle and records screen for a neater display. (2.11f)

- Removed piracy and registration checking, people who download version 2.11f or higher as standalone, can
not go back to an older version of fishsim due to the lack of registeration details available to the program. (2.11f)

- Added shoal number caught to the records and catchlog systems to identify the shoal a fish has been caught from. A shoal number is automatically displayed on fish capture to indicate what shoal the caught fish has originated from. (2.11f)

- Improved feeder and loosefeed scattering after cast, before it was too concentrate on a set area. (2.11f)

- Improved groundbait scatter. (2.11f)

- Noise, feed and groundbait is now reset to zero when going fishing, previously these only reset on peg change,
so noise, feed and groundbait present on the peg from previous session was still present. (2.11f)

- Overall feed and groundbait on the peg now has an effect. In previous versions on the feed in the area being fished
was taken into consideration. Now the feed on the whole peg is considered, eg, if fishing an area with no feed and
there are lots of other areas with feed on the peg, this will more than likely result in a reduced catch rate. Therefore
it is more important to concentrate feed areas now and not wildly scatter feed all over the peg. (2.11f)

- The overall "noise" generated on a peg will slow the fishing. Previously this was only implemented on the area being
fished, now it is also taken as a whole on the peg. To compensate slightly the internal noise dispersion value has
been made faster. (2.11f)

- Reduced thickness's of braid and wire to make these more of a usable option (2.11f)

- Corrected tide bug on sea venues where land was being flooded with the rising tide. Land will always stay as land
in 2.11f and never flood, the water depth will still rise though in water areas. (2.11f)

- Added ability to copy and paste messages to and from the clipboard when connected to the online server. This will help
people who use language translator software. To copy the last message into the clipboard when connected and fishing,
press the left ALT key and the 'C' key together, you will hear a beep from the speaker to confirm the last message has
been copied.

To paste a message already in the clipboard, press the F7 as normal to send a message, but instead of typing the message,
press the left ALT and the 'V' key together. You will see the clipboard message appear in the text box and another beep. (2.11f)

Care should be taken using non english characters, the fishsim font set will miss these on display (2.11f).

- Fish fighting model totally altered, less erratic for high values, more graduations for fish over 10 lb. (2.11f)

- Reel speed capped to a max of 5.0 (2.11f)

- Correct a found bug with fish on rod 2 affecting the fight on rod 1 and visa versa.(2.11f)

- Rod shadow image and line shadow removed with fish on, it was incorrectly bent before and looks better without than with. (2.11f)

- Can now add up to five pieces of bait onto a hair. (2.11f)

- In pro mode, unless fly fishing, have to reel in fully before recasting (2.11f)

- Moon light now has an effect, especially so on clear nights with a full moon. Moon cycles are the same on all venues and
will be published on soon (2.11f).

- All venues will use a different bait calculation method, and will automatically block F1, F10, F11, F12 access
even if unscrambled (2.11f).

- All pro mode venues use a different bait preference calculation method and like venues above automatically block
access to the 'F' keys (2.11f).

- Offline match timer added to display when fishing offline matches (2.11f)

- Minor alteration to the offline match system to include bait validation codes to catch entries.(2.11f)

- New stock file commands for venue creators

WINDD dir % ( 1=N,2=NE,3=E,4=SE,5=S,6=SW,7=W,8=NW )
MOON phase % ( 0 = No moon, 13 = full moon )
WINDS ideal, min, max, tests ( See notes below )
CLOUD ideal, min, max, tests ( See notes below )
BAITCALC method val ( See notes )

Wind speed scale values

<= 4 : Calm
5 -> 8 : Light
9 -> 12 : Moderate
13 -> 16 : Fresh
17 -> 20 : Windy
21 -> 24 : Gusty
25 -> 28 : Strong
29 -> 32 : Storm force
33 -> 36 : Gale force
37 + : Hurricane force

Cloud cover and rain classifications

< 100 : Mainly clear, 0 = clear
100 - 149 : Overcast
150 - 199 : Light showers
200 - 249 : Light rain
250 - 299 : Heavy showers
300 - 349 : Rain
350 + : Heavy rain

Baitcalc values

Different bait preference calculation methods

0 = default
1 = alter default method 1

Second value can be anything at all and can be changed at random when creating (2.11f)

- By request a large float display option implemented. By adding the line :

BigFloat = 1

to the [Graphics] section of the app.ini file, a large float is displayed when float fishing in a box in the top corner of the screen. This makes detecting the strike point easier. If you do not have a [Graphics] section in the app.ini file, copy and paste the above example to the bottom of the file.

Note, that because all of the current floats were made before this update, they will use the default red coloured float. Creators may wish to examine the contents of the graphics/floats/ani folder to use as a guide to implementing different big float graphics in existing or future floats. To specify a different animation set to the default, add the line bigfloat = <your animation ini file> to the [Float] section of the float tkl file.( 2.11e )

- Extra catchlog system security check added ( 2.11e )

- Stocks.txt re-introduced following request. ( 2.11e )

- Maximum rod length capped at 20ft ( 2.11d )

- Extra ID and venue scrambling infomation added to catchlog and records system.( 2.11d )

- Increased chance of losing big fish using hooks that are too small. ( 2.11d )

- More information in the whatif as to why a bite was missed or a fish lost ( 2.11d )

- Increased max fish size from 32,000 drams to 32,767 drams ( 2.11d )

- More accurate timing on striking bites required when float fishing or ledgering. ( 2.11d )

- Corrected stocking bug which missed some fish stocks rendering them uncatchable. ( 2.11d )

- Log button added to the fish catch dialog, alongside close button. This gives anglers a choice of which fish they add to the catchlog file - a bit like a "Livewell / Release" option in other games. ( please use for challenges ) ( 2.11c )

- Timed minimise bite flash period upto a maximum of 15 mins, after which time fishsim will pop up automatically ( 2.11c )

- Slightly better multi-tasking cooperation with other apps running ( 2.11c )

- More consistent taskbar flash when minimised ( 2.11c )

- Improved logging and user detection to the catchlog system, also fixed bait and species validation codes for correct logging. ( 2.11c )

- Added the ability to change the background textures for fish catches, the following can be added to the app.ini file with different graphic preferences if preferred :

CoarseBk = graphics/grass.jpg
SeaBk = graphics/sand.jpg

This has not been tested and not guaranteed to work for all backgrounds.( 2.11c )

- Slight alteration to the internal records storage to log more hidden validation factors ( 2.11c )

- Removed old validation number from fish catch page ( 2.11c )

- Removed site records for individual venues ( apart from Noir Lac ) ( 2.11c )

- Improved debugging on start up and scroll colour change ( 2.11b )

- Real time setting in game ignores venue timeinc setting ( 2.11b )

- Pro fishing records system implemented with server end folder option ( 2.11b )

- Better close down of program with improved logging ( 2.11b )

- Better internal memory management ( 2.11b )

- Bait box contents can be saved and restored ( can be saved at any time but only restored before you go fishing on a peg ).

- Fixed rod 2 bait selection bug which stated that a bait was already contained in the bait boxes when it wasn't with rod 2 selected

- Improved sensitivity to tackle. Line choice and hook size are especially important, a very noticeable difference will be seen when using heavier line and bigger hooks fishing for small fish. Also, the chances of losing fish on hooks that are too small is increased slightly from previous versions.

- Venue fast find via letter key press. When the drop down venue selection list box is active a letter on the keyboard can now be pressed, eg if you press 'b' the list will scroll automatically to all venues begining with the letter b. Also, the number of entries displayed at any one time in the list has been increased from 5 to 10 ( also the peg selection ).

- Auto pop up on bite when minimised. FS2 can now be set to automatically restore itself when minimised if a bite occurs, you can add MaxOnBite = 1 to the [App] section of the app.ini ( in the inf folder )file to enable this behaviour if so desired. Note this can be an irritating feature when you are working and typing.
to the [App] section of the app,ini file.

- Seperate bite warning sounds for rods can now be used. To do this add the following to the app.ini file, altering to the desired sound files to the ones of your choosing.

Rod1 = sounds/bitewarn.wav
Rod2 = sounds/bitewarn.wav

Also the bite warning sounds play after window is restored when bite occurs minimised, now to help determine which bite the rod is on.

- View held records while fishing. The F8 key has been reassigned to bring up a table showing, personal, venue, peg and all time records for the peg being fished, as well as a column indicating the biggest known fish of the species in the peg. Also, percentages are displayed showing the user how much of the maximum size on the peg (s)he has acheived. A peg percentage is also given, when you achieve 100% on all FS2 venues and pegs, you have completed Fishsim 2 - well done :)

NOTE : Previously the F8 key was assigned to pause offline matches, the P key has been reassigned to do this for people that used the pause feature offline.

- Catch / tackle recording for online submission. This version creates a catchlog.dat file in the main FS2 folder holding all fish caught in the last 24 hours from all anglers. This gives a validated file of fish catches which can be used by match organisers wishing to run more varied and informal challenges and matches.

- Seperate optional venue record submission. Venue creators can now select a site to host the record catches for the venues by adding a line in the .ven file. This allows for accomodation of a global fun venue record system, or one with standardised species.

Version 2.10c changes ( included )

- Corrected a loophole with "fast fishing", if you use the fast fish venue creation feature at any time before entering an online match server, you will not be allowed onto the match server without first restarting fishing simulator 2. This is also logged in offline match results files for checking if so desired by the match organiser.

- Alteration made for offline matches to record match time of catches

Version 2.10b changes ( included )

- Faster species loading, creators should disable this when creating a new species ( see inf/fastload.ini ) after installed to disable.

- Extra security added to the record catch system

- Balearm will flick on after mainline runs out of line on spool.

- Improved debugging services after going fishing

Version 2.10a changes ( included )

- New automatic record catch system ( records caught on previous versions will not submit, a reset records button has been included on the venue records screen to remove all old venue and peg records if desired ).

- All groundbait preferences improved.

- Includes all updates from previous versions since release of fishing simulator 2.

All changes made from version 2.0 to 2.10a are included.

(c) J.C.Spooner 2005