General information

The Wellfield, Island pool venue consists of just two coarse fishing pegs, which are stocked similarly. There are 11 different species of fish to catch in total, all with unique behaviour. The carp are the most sought after species by both the pleasure and match angler, and can be caught over the 20 lb mark.

Both pegs are very shallow, like in real life, only going to around 7 ft at the deepest point, however, this doesn't deter the fish too much in Winter with the fishsim version. If you aren't catching here, try reducing the tackle down, line and hooks, this should help catch a few small fish. Big baits will be needed for the carp, and possibly a spot of night fishing to increase the chances.

Minimum Fishsim 2 version required

Wellfield uses fish behaviour features introduced into FS2 in versions after 2.08, if earlier versions are used, the fish will not behave correctly. The latest update version of Fishing Simulator 2 can be downloaded on here. In all cases, the latest version of Fishing Simulator 2 should be used for match fishing and record catch submissions.

Recommended suitability ( out of 10 )