Default species / stocks files Ver 1.0 32 Kb

This addon contains the default species/stocks files. In the past a few third party addons have distributed these and some even changed them, which has led to problems with validation and checksums in matches and on the Internet record catch system. If you have a different checksum than the ones advertised for a venue, this addon could cure the problem for you.

Please note though, if you have caught record fish before importing this addon, they still will not submit to the record catch submitter. Only record fish caught under the correct advertised checksums will submit.

Downloading and importing add-on's from the Internet

To download and import addons from the Internet normally requires that you have a program to "unzip" files. Files available for download on the Internet are commonly "zipped", in English, this means they are "squashed" to make them as small as possible, to reduce download times. You will need a program to unzip these files on your computer after you have downloaded them, Winzip is a good choice here and available for everyone to use.

After downloading an addon you must extract the files to the fishing simulator 2 folder on your computer. This is the place you installed the game to ( probably c:\program files\fishsim2 ), after doing that, when you run fishing simulator, press the Options button on the main menu, then click the Advanced tab, then click the Import addon button. You will then see a list of addons available to import in JR2 files, click on the addon you want to import, then confirm you want to do it, and that's it.

This is a very brief description of downloading and importing addons, however, Derek Shaw has written a more detailed page on the process. Click here to view it

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