Downloading FS2 addon's by Derek Shaw May 2003
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This page presents an easy to follow, printable guide to adding addons into Fishsim 2, written and contributed by Derek Shaw. It contains invaluable information for anyone new to Fishsim 2, thank you Derek.

There are two types of download for FS2

a) From the CD ROM Disc

b) From the Internet

This document describes how to successfully do both. To save much typing, I have used abbreviations where necessary. I mention the full name firstly followed by abbreviations, which I use thereafter.Also, any reference to ‘click’ is to be read as ‘Left click once’ unless stated otherwise.

From CD ROM Disc Fishing Simulator 2 (FS2)

Ensure that the FS2 CD is loaded into your CD ROM Drive!

Open up FS2 in the normal way, from your desktop Icon.

Once at the page with the main fishing option buttons (Go Fishing, Options, Tackle Box etc etc), select OPTIONS, then ADVANCED, then click on the IMPORT ADD-ON button.

A Box opens up with a title of ‘JR2 Files Found’

Click on the button ‘CD ROM’. There is a slight pause while your system loads the required list of available downloads from the disc.

At this point, it should be noted that when you first install FS2, only a handful of venues are available, and it is up to the individual to go and get as many more as they wish from the CD ROM, or the web.

A list of available downloads is displayed, with scroll bar vertically on the right of the screen to move up/down the listing. The files carry short names.

There is a mixture of venues, baits and tackle to select from in the list.

These notes will guide the reader through the downloading of the venue ‘Lanark’

Scroll down the list until you can see ‘Lanark’ then select it by pointing and clicking the word Lanark.

A box will appear after a few seconds, asking you to confirm that you wish to import the file ‘Lanark’. Click the ‘Yes’ button.

The venue loads from the CD ROM to your hard drive.

You are then prompted to re-start FS2 for the add-on to take effect, click ‘Close’ button, then exit FS2 in the normal manner, and then re-select FS2.

The venue is now included in the list of venues, in the ‘Go Fishing’ options.

Note it is listed under its full name of ‘Lanark Loch’ as opposed to its short name of Lanark.

Off you go and enjoy your fishing!


Downloading Venues/Baits/tackle from the Internet

There are many other venues, pieces of tackle, and addition baits/bait packs that you can add to your collection. You should be aware of course that the more you add, the longer it will take for FS2 to boot up, but we are talking seconds rather than minutes!

(This is because when you boot up FS2, one of the many background tasks that are carried out, is to load in every single venue, bait and tackle).

This document deals with downloads from the Fishsim 2 download submitter

Before carrying out your first download from the web, I would recommend that you set up a Folder in Windows Explorer for all of your downloads to be submitted to. It makes life easy for you. Perhaps you might call it ‘My FS2 Downloads’

When you download files, they have to have an initial area to go to on your PC, so that you can then work with them to complete the install.

Access the site through the above address. It is free; there are no hidden drawbacks on this site.


Find an addon to download on the selector either by clicking on the name directly if the addon you want is displayed, or use the "search" and "update display" button to find the one you like.

Click the file you want to download.

You are presented with a new screen, with information regarding the selected Venue.

Point to the underlined link ‘CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD’ and click.

The ‘File Download’ box appears.

Select the option ‘Save This File to Disc’ by pointing to the circle adjacent to those words, and clicking.

Click ‘OK’

You now have the opportunity to ensure that the download goes to the correct area on your PC as required.

If you have set up a special ‘area’ on your PC as recommended, you can locate it by clicking the black arrow in the ‘Save in’ box at the top of the screen, and browse through you files until you have located it.

You need not do this each time, as your PC will retain this pathway in its memory.

It will always display the area that you carried out your last download.

Once you have located the required area, click the ‘OK’ button to start the download.

Downloading of the venue commences. Times can vary depending on the file size of the venue. Your system will give you an indication of the time it will take to affect the download.

Once the download has completed, you are returned to the previous screen.

You may now exit the Internet in the normal way.

Here’s what has happened so far.

You have selected your venue, and all the data required to enable you to fish the venue is now held in your temporary holding area. (In my earlier example ‘My FS2 Downloads’)

All File downloads are in zipped format, and so you will need software to unzip the files. Use your software to unzip the file. This documentation is written assuming that you

  1. Have such software and
  2. Understand how to unzip a file.

Unzip the file.

Your unzipped file will now be held in your chosen area for unzipped files (often C:/Unzipped).

The file is called liden.jr2

All venue/bait/species/tackle download files carry the extension ‘. jr2’

Access Windows Explorer, and ensure that the pathway to FS2 is opened up.

Locate the file (liden.jr2) and drag it to the top level FS2 yellow folder ‘Fishsim’ and drop it into that folder.

Point on housekeeping. Your system will retain all your downloads in two areas. In the temporary folder that the zipped files go to, and in the unzipped folder.

Once you have drag and dropped the ‘jr2 file to the ‘fishsim’ folder you really have no need for these files, so why not delete them in WE? If for any reason at all, you need to re-download the venue, you can always do so.

From here onwards, installing the venue to FS2 is very similar to installing from the CD ROM.

Open up FS2 from your desktop.

Once at the page with the main fishing option buttons (Go Fishing, Options, Tackle Box etc etc), select OPTIONS, then ADVANCED, then click on the IMPORT ADD-ON button.

A Box opens up with a title of ‘JR2 Files Found’

Point and click to the venue (in this case Liden.jr2)

A box will appear after a few seconds, asking you to confirm that you wish to import the file ‘Liden.jr2’. Click the ‘Yes’ button.

The venue loads into FS2, and a box is displayed to inform you that you have successfully completed the venue. Click ‘CONTINUE’, then click ’CLOSE’ .


In order to be able to fish at the new venue, the software needs to ‘pick up’ the said venue.

When you re-start FS2, as stated earlier, one of the tasks is to read the venue files from your PC and load them into the software.

Open up FS2 once more from your desktop.

When you select ‘Go Fishing’, you will now see your new venue listed and you can fish it.

Happy Fishing!!

One final word again on housekeeping your PC.

As you install more and more .jr2files, they will be listed in the import ‘Jr2 file screen within FS2. You will be amazed how many you find yourself importing as the game takes a hold of you!

You can, and should get rid of them once the venue is working fine.

Here’s how to do it….

Access Windows Explorer, go to the area where FS2 is held and click on the top level yellow folder ‘Fishsim’

Double left click this folder.

On the right of the screen, all the files are listed.

Locate any files with an extension of ‘jr2 and delete them.

As stated, if for any reason at all you need to download and install a venue a second time, you can do so.


Derek Shaw

May 2003