General information

The Serpentine is a hard fishing, still water reservoir located close to Knypersley, in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. The water is very deep in places, and contains some good quality roach, bream and carp. Very difficult to catch though, and realistically re-created for Fishsim 2.

All four available pegs contain bream, carp, perch, roach, rudd and the very rare tench.

Minimum Fishsim 2 version required

This venue is part of the default installation of fishing simulator 2 and can be used wih any version of Fishing Simulator but the latest update is recommended. The latest update version of Fishing Simulator 2 can be downloaded on here. In all cases, the latest version of Fishing Simulator 2 should be used for match fishing and record catch submissions.

Recommended suitability ( out of 10 )