General information

Hanley park is one of the original Fishing Simulator venues, first appearing in version 1 in 2001. It can be a pretty dour venue at times and difficult to locate specimen fish.

Following the release of Fishsim version 2.08, Hanley received a major update to demonstrate the new features, and a new improved version is available, which is different from the distributed version on the CD ROM. The new version can be found on the download page.

The pro version is created almost identically to the improved default version, with just minor changes in fish stocking levels made.

There are a few grass carp stocked, but in the first 2 years of release, non have ever been caught.

Minimum Fishsim 2 version required

Both the default and pro version of Hanley park use features introduced into Fishsim 2 in version 2.08 and higher. The latest update version of Fishing Simulator 2 can be downloaded on here. In all cases, the latest version of Fishing Simulator 2 should be used for match fishing and record catch submissions.

Recommended suitability ( out of 10 )