General information

Gweryd lakes is a real life venue located in North Wales, more information can be found here ( ). If you are an angler in this area, the day ticket fishing here is highly recommended. The FS2 venue has been recreated as close as memory serves to the real life venue, where three pegs have been selected on the far bank in the woods.

Each peg contains similar stocks of, bream, roach, perch, tench, crucians, rudd and carp, including ghosties. The carp run to probably around 30 lbs both in this recreation and real life, and there are some real specimen bream, tench and perch as well to be caught.

Minimum Fishsim 2 version required

Gweryd lakes uses fish behaviour features introduced into FS2 in versions after 2.08, if earlier versions are used, the fish will not behave correctly. The latest update version of Fishing Simulator 2 can be downloaded on here. In all cases, the latest version of Fishing Simulator 2 should be used for match fishing and record catch submissions.

Recommended suitability ( out of 10 )