Downloading and Importing add-on's in FS2

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The shareware version of Fishing Simulator 2 is just the tip of the iceberg to what is available in the registered version, but it does give a good feel of what fishing simulator is all about. The only thing you will not see in the shareware version is the just what else is available. Currently ( July 2002 ) there are well over 1000 pegs to fish from available, and around 70 different species of fish to catch as well as a whole host of different tackle and bait. The good news is that this continually grows, normally on a daily basis as well !

On registering Fishing Simulator 2, you gain access to all of these add-on's as well as others that will appear in the future too. The problem is that in a lot of cases, we're fishermen and fisherwomen, not expert computer users, like our sons and daughters. Downloading and importing add-on's does require some knowledge of computers though, and this page aims to help in that process. Once you've downloaded and imported one, the rest is just the same over and over for all add-on's.


Step one - Downloading
The first step is to find and add-on. This has been made easy via the use of the add-on submitter on the front page, this lists most of the available add-on's there are for fishing simulator. Most people who create add-on's, submit them to the submitter so that everyone can download and use them free of charge. Downloading means to take a file from the Internet and put it on to your computer. All the Fishing Simulator 2 downloads are in "zip" form, this means that they have a .zip on the end of the filename. This also indicates that the file has been compressed. When a file is compressed it is a lot smaller in size, making it faster to download from the Internet to your computer. When the file arrives at your computer you need to uncompress it to use it. You will need a seperate program for doing this, the most common one is called "winzip" and it is available from

When you click on the "Click here to download" on the submitter, a screen will show similar to the one below ( depending on which Internet browser you use )

You can see at a glance what file you are downloading on the screen above, in this case it is called Ensure that the Save this file to disk option is selected then click the OK button. You will then be asked where on your computer you want to store the file when it has downloaded, with the screen similar to the one shown below :

Your computer disk is arranged as a collection of files and folders. Folders contain files and are shown in yellow and contain files. You will need to locate the Fishing Simulator 2 folder on your computer. This could be anywhere, depending on where you originally installed Fishing Simulator 2 to, but if you left it as the default, it will be in the program files folder on your 'c' drive. Assuming this is the case, as it will probably be, click the drop down arrow ( shown above in red ), and select the 'C:' drive, as shown below :

After you have done that the window will change to show you all the files and folders that you have on your C drive. One of these folders will be called program files. You may need to move the horizontal scroll bar to find it. When you find it, move the mouse cursor over the folder and press the left mouse button twice in quick succession. This will open the folder and show you what is inside. Look for the yellow folder that says fishsim2. This is your fishing simulator 2 folder, like before, move the mouse cursor over the folder and double click with the left mouse button again to open it. You should now see a screen very similar, if not identical to the one shown above. When you do, click the Save button. The file will now start to transfer itself from the Internet to your computer.

The progress bar will let you know how the transfer is going. Some files like large venues can take a while, and others like baits and tackle don't take long at all. When it is complete though, you will have downloaded the add-on and are ready to uncompress or unzip it, so that it can be imported into Fishing Simulator 2. The reasurring part is that you only need to do this all once for each addon, once you have them, you can use them without having to download them again.


Step two - uncompressing downloads
Now that you have the download file you just need to uncompress it and import it into Fishing Simulator 2. To do this using winzip you will need to start up winzip, which will probably be an option on your start menu in windows or there will be an icon on your desktop that looks something like :

Double click this icon and winzip will start, you will probably see a screen similar to the one shown below :

Click the WinZip Classic button at the bottom left, and choose the Open button from the screen that appears. A dialog that is similar to the one used when saving the file to download will appear. You will need to use this dialog in the same way as before to locate the C drive and the program files then fishsim2 folder. When you do, you will see listed in the large white box, a selection of files that all have the winzip icon associated with them ( yellow filing cabinet ). One of these files will be the file that you have downloaded, in the case above it was Double click on this file with the left mouse button and the screen will change, to show a single file ending in .jr2. All Fishing Simulator 2 add-on files have .jr2 on the end.

You will now need to click the Extract option button at the top, and you will be asked, "Where to extract to". Again you need to select the C drive, program files -> fishsim2 folder. The way you select it may be different than previous methods, but it is similar enough to not warrant further explanation. With the fishsim2 folder open click the Extract button on the dialog that has just opened, and the .jr2 addon file will be uncompressed and stored in your fishing simulator 2 folder.

That's the hard part over and done with, the rest is a doddle compared to that. You can download more and extract or import them later, you don't have to do them one at a time as this page guides you to. As you become more comfortable with this you will probably download a few addon's at a time, and extract them all later.


Step three - importing add-on's into Fishsim 2
This part is easy, start Fishing Simulator 2 in the normal way, and choose the Options button from the main menu. There you will see a row of buttons along the top of the dialog that appears. One of these options is called Advanced. When you click the Advanced option button the screen will change and you will see an Import add-on button. Click this button and a list of all the available add-on's you have will be displayed. You will need to use the vertical scroller to locate the add-on you want, then when you see if move the mouse cursor over the name of it in the list and click once with the left mouse button.

You will then be presented with a screen, showing you details of the add-on, and asked to confirm that you want to import it. click the Yes button, and the add-on will be imported. You are advised at this point to restart Fishing Simulator 2, although you can continue on to import more add-on's before doing so, if you wish. After you have finished importing, you will need to restart fishing simulator 2, so that the new add-on's appear.

You don't have to import an add-on every time you want to use it, you only have to import it once only, and it will be there everytime you start fishing simulator 2. You may want to keep either the downloaded .zip or .jr2 files though in case you need to re-install fishing simulator 2 at some point in the future. That way you won't have to re-download them again. They are quite large files though, so ideally they should be deleted or archived to release some space on your disk drive.

That's it, the first two steps are awkward, but these are out of the control of Fishsim 2 and are commonly used techniques all over the Internet. Once you master one add-on the rest are easy to do, and there are a few to choose from. Keep an eye on the submitter on the front page to see new add-on's appear. Please accept my apologies if you have read this and already know a lot of what is here, some people do, and some people don't, after reading and following it though, everyone should.

After registering fishsim 2, the first add-on's that you will definately need are the fish species add-on's. These can be found on the add-on's page. After importing these, select a few venues from the submitter, a guide is given below as to some that may interest you, at the time of writing.

If you are into catching big carp then Border fisheries or Retallack waters by Wilka are definately two venues that should given a go.

If fly and game fishing is your thing then Newmill trout and deer farm or the River Clyde by George Lockhart are excellent venues.

For sea anglers, there's West Yell for UK sea fish and Mellieha bay by Wilka for more exotic medeterainian species.

Lure and predator anglers, would prefer Predators paradise by Tony Adams, or if it's US bass species, then at the moment there's only the Verdisolle

What ever style of fishing you're into, there is, or will be a venue for you, and if there isn't then it will be there soon :) You can now probably fish a different peg ( swim ) every day for a whole year in Fishing Simulator 2.

J.C.Spooner 2001