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Please be careful in ensuring you submit results files ( .f2r ) not draw files ( .f2d )

After submitting your results, it will take a few seconds to decode and update, please be patient. You will be notified when it is complete.

Instructions on how to submit results

Submitting offline match results is now automated. You can use the automatic submitter above, by using the browse button to locate your results file on your computer. This will be stored in the offline folder of your fishing simulator installation. If you have installed fishing simulator 2 to the default location, you will need to follow the steps below after clicking browse.

1) From the drop down box that appears at the top of the browse window, choose (C:) drive.
2) Look through the yellow folders to find one which says program files, and then double click with the left mouse button to open it.
3) Again look through the yellow folders to find the folder called fishsim2, open it in the same way.
4) Yet again look through the yellow folders to find the folder called offline and open that one.
5) Inside that folder you will see files, select the file that you want to submit ( it will have .f2r on the end ). After you complete each offline match you will be told by fishing simulator 2 which file the results are stored in, this is the file to submit here.
6) After submitting the file, the rest of the process is automated and your results will appear on the results pages along with everyone elses.

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