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Border fisheries is automatically installed when you install Fishing Simulator 2 from the CD ROM, however, there may be some users who registered in the shareware days who may still need access to the venue, so it can be obtained from the download above. The number of consecutive downloads is logged and capped, so if the link above comes up as file not found, please try again later at a time when the load on the server is less.

Also, Border uses fish stocks contained in the species/stocks folder, another addon has incorrectly overwritten these in the past causing all venues that use these stocks to have the incorrect checksums. If you participate in any interactive matches or records, and your checksums do not match the checksums for this venue on the right, you will need to download and import ( 32 Kb ) to cure this.

Peg checksums

Peg Checksum
Peg one 90451
Peg two 88061
Peg three 86300
Peg four 91721

Checksums - what are they ?

A checksum in Fishing Simulator 2 is a way to ensure that a venue or peg is correct and the same as everyone else who uses FS2. This is only useful for record submission and matches to ensure that everyone is fishing on the same versions and with the same fish levels. If you just fish by yourself at home, then you do not need to worry about these, but if participating in a match on the Internet or submitting your record catches to the global records pages, you will need to ensure you have the correct checksum before you catch any fish.

To check to see what checksum you have on a peg, you will need to start fishing simulator 2 and go fishing on that peg, then press the F9 key, in the top left hand corner shown in light blue, that will be your checksum and it should match the table above, if not and participating in any interactive parts of FS2, you may get disqualified or catches refused.

Also with record catches, the checksum at the time the record is caught is stored, which is not necessarily the same as it is when checked.

Importing CD ROM addons

Even though this venue is part of the default installation of fishing simulator 2, information on getting the rest of the venues on the CD ROM into FS2 is often unclear. The default installation does not contain a lot of the extra addons, however they are on the CD ROM ready to be imported into the game. To do this, make sure the FS2 CD ROM is inserted, it may try to autorun and install again, if so, click exit setup. Then start FS2 up, and from the main menu, click Options -> Advanced -> Import addon

This will list all the addons that are currently available to be imported in the fishing simulator folder, and will probably be blank. The button at the bottom, which toggles between Disk and CD ROM can be clicked so it will list all the addons available on the CD ROM. After clicking it, you will see these.

You can then click on each one, and import them into the game, some will be new venues, others new bits of tackle, but the most important one, is xspecies, as this contains extra species of fish, of which many of the addons on the CD ROM contain.

To import an addon, click the addon name in the list and then the import button, you will receive a message saying the addon won't appear in FS2 until it has been restarted, you don't have to restart after importing each addon, you can import as many as you like, then do one single restart. After an addon has been imported once, you do not need to import it again, and the CD ROM isn't required in the drive.